1. Which blockchain(s) do you support?

At launch we're only supporting Polygon (Chain ID: 137), with more coming in the future.

2. Which Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) do you support?

At launch we're only supporting 1inch, which has their smart contract address at https://polygonscan.com/address0x1111111254fb6c44bAC0beD2854e76F90643097d.

3. How will I know Sidestepr will do what it promises?
  • You can set up your Relay Wallet to only accept transactions that interact with a whitelisted smart contract address.
  • Furthermore, you can see the full transaction history by using a blockchain scanner, like polygonscan.com
4. How will I know that the Sidestep strategy actually works?

For an in depth explanation, read our documentation. You can also backtest it yourself, and even download all the transactions for you (in CSV) to analyze to your heart's content (coming soon). You should be able to find that as long as your range is large enough (3+ months at minimum), it's easy to understand that there would be more opportunities for the "buy low, sell high" action pairs to take place.

5. How will I stay on top of any updates and changes?

Follow us on Twitter at @SidesteprTrades and join our Telegram group https://t.me/sidestepr_group

6. What happens if I want to withdraw or deposit more funds into my Relay wallet?

Sidestepr's trading parameters are percentage-based, and it will adapt to a wide range of portfolio sizes.

7. How do I deposit into (or withdraw from) my Relay wallet?
  • Deposit: from your OpenZeppelin Defender dashboard, select "Relays", find your Relay, click to copy your wallet address. You can deposit WETH or USDT on the Polygon chain to that address.
  • Withdraw: from your OpenZeppelin Defender dashboard, select "Relays", find your Relay, click "Withdraw funds", then put your destination address (on Polygon network) and proceed with your withdrawal.
  • For a step by step instructions, refer to these guides.
8. Can I pause trading whenever I want?

Yes, you can pause and restart Sidestepr from within your dashboard at any time. Each minute your bot server checks whether you have the bot switched on, before it does anything.

9. Where's your smart contract?

We don't use other smart contracts so there's zero chance of any smart contract bugs and hacks. The only smart contract required for decentralized trading is the 1inch router, which you can whitelist in your Relay settings, like this. The 1inch smart contract can be found at: https://polygonscan.com/address0x1111111254fb6c44bAC0beD2854e76F90643097d

10. How much should I put aside for Sidestepr?

Ideally 10-50% of your current ETH holding. 10% on the low end as you want to get paid when the markets are volatile and uncertain (which is a lot of the time), and 50% on the high end because you're smart and you know asset allocation is the cardinal rule. In actual numbers, a good range would be between $2000 - $20000. In the future, we'll look to develop boutique solutions to optimize for enterprises (e.g. crypto funds).

11. Who made Sidestepr?

0xSmartCrypto, a tech entrepreneur and startup veteran who trades crypto part-time and decided to build Sidestepr to scratch his own itch. Instead of keeping the tech to himself, he turned into a product for retail traders like himself to earn more v.s. Hodling.

12. What happens after I sign up? How do I pay?

After 30 days of risk-free trial, if you wish to continue using Sidestepr, you'll be billed monthly via Stripe. You can pay after you've signed up. After payment (signing up for the 30 day trial), we'll automatically spin up your own dedicated bot server. You then fill in your Relay info (your wallet address, API Key and Secret Key). Then click establish a secure connection to complete the security handshake, enabling your bot server as the only entity that can decrypt your secret key.

13. What kind of time commitment or maintenance is required?

Zero. Absolutely no maintenance is required. Once you set it up (5 min), it's 100% hands off. Use your spare time to do other things :)

14. What kind of additional costs do I have to be aware of?

There are no additional or hidden costs needed. Your monthly fee takes care of all your bot server costs. To trade on the Polygon network, there is a transaction fee taken by the Polygon blockchain, in the form of MATIC tokens, equating to around $0.01 per transaction. Sidestepr will automatically top off MATIC for you (taken from the USDT side) to ensure you never miss a trading opportunity.

15. What if I have more questions?

Email us at SidesteprTrades@gmail.com, or ask us directly in our Telegram Group https://t.me/sidestepr_group

Disclaimer: This is not a guaranteed return on your investment - like holding, it's possible to lose part or all of your original investment if ETH only heads downward and never ever comes back up. The only claim we can make is that Sidestepr is a much better alternative than simply holding your assets in your hot wallet. We advise you to invest at your own risk.